Will my manufacturers’ warranty be protected if I use your garage?
AYes. We carry out industry-standard services using manufacturer approved parts. The “Your Car Your Choice” scheme upholds motorists’ rights to have their vehicles serviced at a garage of their choice from day one, thus taking out the need and expense of having to use the main dealer for servicing.
Can I borrow a car?
AYes. We can provide a loan car by pre-arrangement for you to use whilst your car is at our garage for work. We only ask that you replace any fuel which you use.
Can you update my digital service record?
A Many car manufacturers are now moving away from the service books and the service records are updated online. We have access to all manufacturers’ digital portals which enables us to update the service records as they are done.
Can you check my tyres, lights and under bonnet fluid levels?
AWe can do this at any time, just call in.
Can you reset my service light?
AThis is carried out as a standard procedure whilst your car is in the garage for a service. Some cars require diagnostic equipment for resets and we have these available.
When should my timing belt be renewed?
AIt should be renewed according to the manufacturers’ guidelines which we will be able to advise you on. It is dependent upon the mileage and age of the vehicle. Failure to renew a timing belt as per schedule may result in serious and costly damage to your vehicle.

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